Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

There is growing demand for energy across the globe. Demand for electricity is forecast to double from 2002 to 2025. Yet the existing supplies may not cope with this demand, and significant investment is needed in new generation systems that also meet higher efficiency and environmental standards.

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) is providing solutions.

CFCL is a world leader in developing solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology to provide reliable, energy efficient, high quality, and low-emission electricity from widely available natural gas and renewable fuels. CFCL is developing SOFC products for small-scale on-site micro combined heat and power (m-CHP) and distributed generation units that co-generate electricity and heat for domestic use.



Ceramic Fuel Cells development process was different from what you'd expect of most energy companies. Instead of a background of electrical or solar engineering, CFCL has it's roots in dentistry. Ceramics are used throughout cosmetic dentistry due to their similarity with real teeth. Ceramics and porcelain are characterised by their ability to withstand chemical exposure and their hardness. The teeth of humans are responsible for repeated impact while chewing, they're also heavily exposed to chemicals contained within food - An average human diet hosts a range of acids that would wear most materials which is why a strong and robust replacement to natural teeth is necessary, and the exact reason that ceramic is chosen for dental implants. This same ethos is what drives Ceramic fuel cells - Our fuel cells need to be able to stand up to all elements, and need to deliver consistent performance regardless of their environment.


Ceramic Fuel Cells will result in a range of practical applications - for both commercial and domestic use.

Home Building
During the home building process ceramic fuel cells will be able to power the entire building process. Working with a range of home builders, luxury builders, renovators and contractors CFCL advises how to best reduce the added cost of energy during the production process. In fact, a perth luxury home builder has recently completed the first home to be fitted with ceramic fuel cells - This build in Perth may be the first in Australia, and possibly the first residential installation ever. During the building process CFCL plans to be involved with educating builders on how to successfully reduce their emmissions and electrical costs while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

Home Designs
A range of new home designs have factored in the use of ceramic cell storage. In 2017 Elon Musk revealed plans to incorporate solar panels in the tiles of houses, we believe that this coupled with Ceramic cell storage could lead to a complete overhaul of the house design system. In 2018 CFCL reached out to home builders and home designers within Australia to see how we could safely incorporate CFC technologies into their new workflow. We expect that various builders will adopt a partnership with CFCL by the year 2020 and you can expect reliable, sustainable energy in every home.

Incroporating micro-sized fuel cells in common electrical and technological components like computers could prove to reduce dependency on battery and recharging technologies. As ceramic energy is less prone to breakage it's also possible that there could be a drastic reduction in componenet hardware failure and the costs associated with this. By partnering with Server maintenance partners, we have monitored an increased uptime and lower operating temperature than standard battery-powered electrical components.

Air/Space Travel
One of the largest costs for air travel is fuel. By incorporating CFC's onto newly produced aircraft we can create a lower dependency on electrical components. This will in-turn reduce dependency on energy transformation systems and lead to increased fuel economy as engine strain and fuel consumption will not be used to power internal electrical componenets.


While CFCL is still in a pre-production phase we are releasing limited share-backed funding. This provides investors with a small stake in the company in return for financial investment. Currently all financial and investment information is handles online and share offerings are exclusively through SMS.