Operating Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems at their peak requires extensive thermal and electrical engineering.  CFCL is one of the very few companies that have designed, built and operated complete SOFC systems incorporating high temperature balance of plant components. 

This has afforded CFCL experience in the design of key balance of plant components and the associated control and power management.  CFCL's patents and know-how extends to the intimate understanding of optimised thermal performance under high temperatures.

Our technology increases efficiency; helps reduce oxidisation, carbon build-up and chromium emissions of metals while providing a high rate of heat transfer.

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Key balance of plant components include:

Heat Exchangers

Enabling high temperature heat transfer of steam, fuel and air streams to occur within a single heat exchanger at a very high efficiency with minimal space consumed.  Our designs not only permit flexible inlet & outlet ports, which drastically simplifies mechanical design, but also provide very low-pressure drops for minimising backpressure on the fuel cell stack which further reduces blower parasitics.

Steam Generators

Allowing precision control and pulse-free generation of high temperature steam for SOFC systems and other processes.

Pre-reformers & Gas Treatment

Fully integrated fuel treatment that allows efficient, precise and reliable gas reforming with minimal component sizes.

Burner & Oxidiser Components

Patented designs that allow the same burner to operate efficiently on different fuel compositions, from ambient temperature to over 1,000 degrees Celsius.

CFCL also has extensive in-house electronics experience in designing a number of power management and control components for reliability in tough operating environments, such as:

Power Electronics

Specialised inverter integration, voltage and current control to maximise safety and efficiency of the complete system.

Control Logic & Gas Safety

Proven safety systems to maximise the operating efficiency of the system, but also to comply with international standards and directives.

To find out more about our capability in balance of plant systems and components, download the brochure here or send your enquiry to enquiries@cfcl.com.au.