In December 2006 the Company signed a product development agreement with Gaz de France and De Dietrich Thermique.

- Logo Gaz de France Suez

GDF SUEZ is born from the 2008 merger between Gaz de France and, Belgian based, SUEZ creating a world leader in energy with a very strong French presence.  The Group operates across the five major continents with more than 196,500 staff.  In 2007, the Group reported sales of €74.3 billion and EBITDA of €13.1 billion.  Before the merger, Gaz de France was one of Europe's leading distributors of natural gas, with 11 million private clients in France.  Additionally, under the merger, the Group is now the second ranked electricity supplier in France - selling nearly 30 billion kWh.

The Group's target is to position itself in France as the main challenger to the French legacy electricity producer.  This involves increasing the generation capacity of GDF SUEZ to
10 GW by 2013.

Already, GDF SUEZ is the leading player in the maintenance of individual boilers in France and aims to grow in the field of environmentally sound domestic energy services incorporating high-efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

In 2007, GDF SUEZ invested €188 million in Research & Innovation programmes.  In line with the Group's strategy, one area of focus is the electricity-generating boiler: designed for residential users, the electricity-generating boiler produces both heat and electricity more efficiently than traditional boilers.  GDF SUEZ has an active interest in distributed generation and is leading the EU-DEEP program, a €30M program to evaluate decentralised energy systems.


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De Dietrich Thermique is the largest provider of gas heating systems in France, with origins stretching back to 1778. De Dietrich Thermique has over 200 employees based across four manufacturing sites.  The Company has a strong commitment to training and installation, with 10 training centres in Europe offering 29 technical courses on the installation and maintenance of De Dietrich Thermique products and a dedicated service division known as Serv' élite. 

Domestic CHP is a new strategic market for De Dietrich Thermique which has been assessing fuel cell and other generator technologies for several years.  Supported by a leading R&D department with more than 100 staff, the Company is well positioned to integrate CFCL's technology in their future appliances.