The ‘technology of testing' with PEMFC and SOFC test systems is very different.  CFCL has over 10 years in developing SOFC systems, allowing CFCL the experience and knowledge in designing complete SOFC test systems that are safe, capable and can accurately reproduce the cell operating conditions of a SOFC appliance.

The concept of CFCL's SOFC test system is made up of two components that must operate in harmony - The test station and the test stand/interface.

The test station is the platform for full functionality and versatility containing essential equipment such as:

  •   Computer and test software
  •   Data acquisition unit (DAQ)
  •   Cold fuel and air streams & the associated flow control
  •   Fuel humidification system
  •   Load bank
  •   The overall safety system for the unit

The test stand/interface are the fuel cell specific components that are customised for the testing purposes, including:

  •   Fuel cell manifold, mounting and high temperature instrumentation
  •   Furnace and high temperature seals
  •   Hydrocarbon fuel processing
  •   Air and fuel heat exchangers
  •   Hot gas exhaust management

For Research or Production

CFCL's experience in both fuel cell R&D and production affords SOFC test systems that are suitable for:

  • Fuel cell research - encompassing a wide range of variables, measurements and process conditions
  • Fuel cell production - quality assurance testing for electrical and mechanical performance

Simple and Safe Technical Superiority

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Our knowledge of SOFC systems has allowed us to understand the critical control & thermal management issues involving gas, fuel and air pre heating systems, fuel processing, reliable steam generation and an intimate understanding of the specialised materials required for high temperature fuel cells.

The safety systems employed by CFCL are simple, reliable and safe.  From the gold gas streams to the management of the process conditions, right through to the removal of the hot exhaust gases.  Our control software is integral to safe and reliable high temperature operation of the SOFC test system.

A Precise Product

PrecisionFlow Technologies

The alliance between CFCL and PrecisionFlow Technologies in manufacturing and marketing SOFC test systems creates a test station, which is of unparalleled functionality and made of quality manufacturing.  PrecisionFlow Technologies maintains a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot modern assembly and fabrication division that utilise orbital welding, clean room assembly and many other sophisticated manufacturing techniques to produce a SOFC tester which can be configured to meet R&D and production requirements. 

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Why Look Elsewhere?

With hundreds and thousands of hours of testing, CFCL's SOFC test systems have been proven in both research and manufacturing environments.

The fully integrated system comprises both the test station and the test stand/interface and with the production know-how of PrecisionFlow Technologies, a fully functional, cost effective SOFC test system is now possible.

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