Gennex fuel cell module

The integrated solution for efficient electricity

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For micro-CHP applications that require a small, yet efficient generation technology, Gennex® is the solution.

Gennex is designed to integrate with appliances such as high efficiency condensing boilers, heat pumps, and air circulation systems - turning everyday appliances into CHP devices for the future.

Ceramic Fuel Cells works closely with leading utilities and appliance partners under Product Development Agreements. Under these agreements, we develop and supply the Gennex fuel cell module as an OEM fuel cell component - typically for a bespoke micro-CHP product.

The Gennex fuel cell module is a complete solution and has been designed for maximum, electrical efficiency. At 1.5 kW output, Gennex delivers 60 per cent electrical efficiency. Gennex uses internal steam reforming, and is designed for simple mounting and minimal heat loss.


For more information, download the Gennex brochure.