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In the future, electricity generation will be using a Distributed Generation network, where electricity can be generated and consumed at the point of use.  Homes will contain energy efficient appliances from today, but with the added capability to produce highly efficient electricity from Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs). 

GennexTM is a 1kW fuel cell module which is designed for integration inside the appliances of tomorrow. 
Gennex is ideally suited for micro-Combined Heat and Power (micro-CHP) appliances such as high efficiency condensing boilers, heat pumps and air circulation systems.  Appliance manufacturers can ‘integrate' the Gennex fuel cell module into their products by ‘sharing' common inputs and outputs from the fuel cell - for example; natural gas, water, heat and electricity.

Design Highlights

  • High electrical efficiency - using CFCL's existing experience with all-ceramic & metal ceramic fuel cell stack designs
  • Internal steam reforming - for increased electrical efficiency
  • Optimised hot Balance of Plant design - small & compact for simple mounting & minimal heat loss
  • Uses CFCL's latest PentraTM metal-ceramic fuel cell technology - for higher power density

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