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Paloma Industries Ltd, a company of The Paloma Group, is a privately held manufacturing company that began operation in 1911 as a pioneer in the Japanese gas appliance industry. Today, the Paloma Group is a leading world producer of gas appliances. Paloma's products for residential as well as commercial applications operate in a broad variety of installations around the world.

Paloma Group is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, and has main manufacturing facilities or sales offices in Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, China, Vietnam, and Singapore. The Paloma Group's residential brands include Paloma, Rheem, Solahard and Everhot. Group annual revenue is approximately US$2.5 billion, with 15,000 people working for the Group around the world.

Under the agreement, CFCL and Paloma will work together to evaluate and develop a commercial m-CHP product by integrating CFCL's advanced fuel cell module with a Paloma home heating appliance.

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