CFCL's products & technology can be utilised in many different markets, from domestic electricity generation, remote area power supplies, as well as auxiliary power units.  The principle behind these markets is highly efficient electricity generation.  The main growth area for CFCL is Distributed Generation (DG) sometimes known as embedded generation.

The concept of DG is electricity is produced where it is consumed - that is within the local area on the low voltage distribution side of the grid.  For information on visit the links section on our website.

The concept of DG involves number of electricity generation sources providing electricity into the distribution side of the grid.  These generation sources may include photovoltaic cells (solar), micro-wind turbines, and combined heat and power (CHP) units.

Micro-wind turbines and photovoltaic cells highly visible and well known, however they are dependant on weather conditions and cannot provide stable base load electricity all year round.

CHP units can range in size from less than 1kW up to 6MW and above.  CFCL is focussed on providing solutions for the 1 to 5kW range of CHP units - known as micro-CHP (m-CHP).  To find out more about our markets click on the topics.

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