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With customer feedback indicating the need for smaller, simpler SOFC powered micro-CHP systems - CFCL focussed considerable engineering efforts on designing Net~Gen.  Many of the additional features of which are commonly available with boiler systems were removed from CHP2.  This allowed a significant reduction in size of the unit, which is critical for replacing existing boilers while also enabling the Net~Gen unit to be mounted in a variety of indoor locations.

The focus of Net~Gen is not a finished appliance, but a pre-commercial demonstration unit, allowing potential appliance companies and utilities to see that SOFC powered micro-CHP systems are ready for commercialisation.  These field trials allow utilities to further explore the potential of clean efficient electricity generation from sophisticated micro-CHP units, such as Net~Gen.

CFCL is producing limited quantities of Net~Gen units for collaboration with selected utilities and appliance manufacturers in order to integrate the SOFC technology into household appliances for the future.

Design Highlights

  • Substantial reduction in the number of components
  • Further simplification of control systems and individual components
  • The unit is an ‘all in one' system with simple connections to services
  • Utilisation of a balanced flue - allowing the unit to be mounted in confined locations (example basements)

Engineering Achievements

  • System designed & built within four months.
  • Internal water treatment plant and gas desulphuriser
  • Size of the unit was reduced significantly - 56% smaller than CHP2
  • Improved electrical system designed to provide maximum protection of the fuel cell stack
  • Simplified gas train using commercially available components
  • Small heat exchanger and very tight integration of all components
  • Reduced parasitics - which in turn increase the amount of exported electricity
  • European CE approval
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The Net~Gen units are a breakthrough in fuel cell system engineering, showcasing the integration of CFCL's technologies and development.


To download a copy of the Net~Gen brochure, click here.