CFCL announces the latest development in small-scale SOFC systems:

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The focus of Net~Gen PlusTM is not a finished appliance, but a pre-commercial demonstration system, allowing potential appliance companies and utilities to evaluate the latest fuel cell technology from CFCL.

At the heart of Net~Gen Plus is the newly developed GennexTM fuel cell module which is more powerful and offers a higher efficiency than the previous Net~Gen unit.  To find out more about Gennex - click here.

CFCL is producing limited quantities of the Net~Gen Plus system for collaboration with selected utilities and appliance manufacturers.  The Net~Gen Plus systems can be integrated with existing boiler technologies to provide a highly efficient micro-CHP appliance.

Design Highlights

  • Uses CFCL's latest Gennex fuel cell module for continuous grid parallel base load power
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Low heat output - which allows longer operation over the year
  • For integration with a high-efficiency condensing boiler and external hot water tank
  • Uses proven components from the Net~Gen system

Engineering Achievements

  • Electrical efficiency of greater than 50%
  • Internally integrated water treatment plant and gas desulphuriser
  • Remote operation with connection via Ethernet
  • Improved design for easy access and maintenance of the fuel cell module
  • European CE approval planned for late 2017

The Net~Gen Plus unit is a breakthrough in fuel cell system engineering, showcasing the integration of CFCL's technologies and development.

To download a copy of the Net~Gen Plus brochure:
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