Clean power for your home. 

This is the vision that CFCL has for the future.
With over 14 years in developing solid oxide fuel cells, CFCL is one of the most progressive companies in developing fuel cells and complete fuel cell systems for small-scale power generation.  With years of fuel cell research and experience, CFCL has achieved what many companies strive for – a fully integrated operational solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system. 

This section provides information on the history of CFCL’s SOFC system.  From proof of concept right through to the latest design – Net~Gen. CFCL’s SOFC technology and systems are ready for integration with existing appliances and products of the future.  CFCL has expertise in not only fuel cells, but also the critical control and safety systems that are essential for efficient and reliable operation.

To find out more about the technology and developments click on the following headings

TD1 – Technical demonstrator and proof of concept

CHP1 – Prototype stand alone combined heat & power unit

CHP2 – Combined heat & power unit for field trials

Net~Gen – The latest precommercial demonstration unit