CFCL recognises that its intellectual property - our inventions and innovative solutions - are the key assets of the company.   CFCL has developed and continues to develop, a strong patent portfolio to protect the Company's technology.  In addition to its know-how in fuel cell and stack fabrication processes, the Company has 28 patent families (each a single invention covered in a single or multiple jurisdictions) that have been granted or are under application in major jurisdictions around the world.

The patent families incorporate CFCL's technology and know how covering a number of areas, including:

  • Fuel cell anode technology & feed through design
  • Pre-reforming concepts
  • Fuel delivery
  • Thermal management
  • Multi-layer porous ceramics
  • Powder production and mixing reactors
  • High temperature metal coatings

CFCL's IP also includes trade secrets, trademarks, copyright and licenses, together with non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, which are designed to establish and protect our proprietary rights and technologies around the world.