About szencorp

Szencorp is the forefront of Australian industry in commercialisation and installation of innovative technologies for sustainable buildings. Headquarted in Melbourne, Szencorp operates in key states of Australia and South East Asia.   Its core businesses Energy Conservation Systems, Carbon Partners, Water Conservation Systems and Jaemax Developments specialise in energy performance contracting, waste to energy solutions and property development.  The business model for Szencorp is centred on creating value by using resources more efficiently, through expertise in best practice design and engineering.  Sustainability is an underpinning philosophy of the Szencorp group.

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Field Trial Background

The szencorp building at 40 Albert Road is a research and development test bed for innovative solutions.  The project is aimed to demonstrate minimum energy and water performance standards to minimise outgoings and running costs and demonstrate that green is commercial. 

The CHP2 demonstration unit was installed at South Melbourne, Australia in December 2005 to provide operational experience in ‘real world' environments.  Especially one which is in a true commercial installation as opposed to controlled conditions in a laboratory or testing centre.

Field Trial Achievements

  • Validated the remote monitoring capabilities of the CHP2 unit, such as remote start-up and shut-down and fault diagnosis
  • Installation of a prototype SOFC system within a commercial building, closely integrated with the building's hot water system