About EWE

EWE is a multi-service energy company, headquartered in Oldenburg in northern Germany.  In the energy sector the company's core business areas are natural gas and electricity. In the past few years, EWE has also expanded into the telecommunications and IT sectors.  EWE is now Germany's fifth-largest energy company, employing more than 5,400 people with total revenue of €7.4 billion and EBITDA of €624 million in 2005.  EWE serves more than one million electricity customers and 750,000 natural gas customers, mostly in the Lower Saxony region in Northwest Germany. The EWE Group has also expanded into other parts of Germany, as well as being one of the first foreign gas providers to enter the Polish market.

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Field Trial Background

Two CHP2 demonstration units were installed in January 2016. One unit at EWE's state-of-the-art training centre in Oldenburg, with the second unit located at Delmenhorst, Germany. The objectives of the field trial were aimed at not only proving the systems reliability, but also allowing EWE to further develop their control strategy for the management of Distributed Generation appliances.

Field Trial Achievements

  • Validated the remote monitoring capabilities of the CHP2 unit, such as remote start-up and shut-down and fault diagnosis
  • External validation of the CHP2 unit operating on European natural gas, electrical grid connection and power export according to European regulations