To keep the market informed of our progress, and to reduce costs and the environmental impact of our activities, CFCL provides two free subscription services:

Email Announcements

This facility is provided directly by CFCL.  You do not need to be a shareholder to subscribe.  CFCL only uses this database to distribute company announcements. 

Online Shareholder

This is a service offered by our share registry provider, Computershare, to allow CFCL shareholders to elect to receive all formal correspondence, such as annual reports, AGM notices, etc, via email - thereby saving printing, paper and postage costs.  Shareholders can also view their shareholding details on-line at any time. 

Register today by visiting and follow these easy steps:

Click on ‘Investor Centres'

Click on ‘Email Address Update'

Then enter ‘CFU' together with your personal security information,
Holder Identification Number (HIN) or Security Reference Number (SRN) and postcode, click on submit and follow the prompts.

After you have entered your email address and selected which options you wish to receive, an email will be sent to you for confirmation purposes.  When you receive it, simply click 'reply' to confirm your details, then 'send'.

We trust you will find this service helpful - please contact Computershare  should you have any further queries.

CFCL encourages its shareholders to take advantage of both free services.