Fuel cell technologies can potentially offer applications in a wide range of markets including domestic Combined Heat & Power (CHP) products and commercial standby power systems.  CFCL believes its technology has global applications. 

The applications which best suit the Company's technology have the following requirements:

  • Initial system size from 0.5kW to 5kW;
  • High efficiency operation on hydrocarbon fuels (e.g. natural gas, propane, butane, renewable fuels); and
  • High quality, continuous power and low environmental impact (low emissions, noise, and vibration).

The near-term markets are likely to be for domestic CHP units in which a fuel cell is integrated with a domestic hot water heater.  Beyond this, the Company believes there are significant opportunities for applications that can be co-located with the power users in public buildings, housing complexes, office buildings and light industrial and commercial applications.  In addition, rural and remote communities would also benefit from local electricity generation.  These markets are well suited to SOFC product based solutions that are characterised by very low pollutant output, quiet operation and scalability to meet the needs of the user.

CFCL's initial target market is Europe - with later markets in the USA, north Asia and Australia.

This is a large market.  By way of illustration, more than six million domestic water heaters are estimated to be sold in Western Europe each year and a significant number of these have the potential to be combined with fuel cell technology.  This is only one potential application in one geographic market segment.  The ability of CFCL's fuel cells to operate on many different fuels - including bottled gases - opens up additional off-grid markets. 

  CFCL plans to commercialise its technology by:

  • Developing demonstration end-use systems in-house
  • Selling and delivering units for field trials
  • Establishing a high quality ceramic powder plant (as a key input into fuel cells)
  • Increasing Australian production capacity to supply fuel cells for field trial demonstration systems and early stage application development
  • Building a fuel cell stack volume manufacturing plant in Western Europe to increase production
  • Partnering with appliance manufacturers to integrate CFCL's fuel cell stacks into end-user products - e.g. domestic CHP units, heating and cooling systems
  • Continuing to improve the fuel cell stack design, performance and cost.